In-Home Services

X-ray examinations:
1. Abdominal
2. Chest
3. Spine
4. Upper and lower extremity

Electrocardiograms (available only in conjunction with an x-ray exam)

1. Abdominal complete
2. Carotid Duplex
3. Echocardiograms
4. Pelvic (non-obstetric)
5. Pulse Volume Recordings
6. Retroperitoneal (renal/aorta)
7. Upper and Lower Extremity Arterial
8. Upper and Lower Extremity Venous

Mobile Imaging partners with local physicians and home care agencies to provide services to the homebound patients in our service area. Exams can only be performed on patients, who reside on the first floor unless an elevator is available. All x-ray examinations will be performed the same business day, unless otherwise requested